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Why Burn A Multi-Fuel (Corn-Burning and Pellet-Burning) Stove?

You’re tired of hauling in pile after pile of wood and then carrying out the piles of ash.

•The fuel man has just delivered another load of fuel that equals your house payment.

•You’re just plain tired of having to put up with turning the thermostat down to conserve heat, put on another sweater and it still is just too cold!

•Last but not least you would like to feel the warmth that you had with wood and yes you miss the romance of watching a fire burn. But you know your neighbor with the wood-pellet-only stove hasn't been able to buy any pellets for the last month . . .

7 Reasons Why You Want to Buy from Us:

We have been heating our home and office with corn (and now sometimes pellets) for 18 years -- many, many more years than most corn stove and pellet stove dealers have been selling corn heaters!

• Back 18 years ago we had to teach ourselves about heating with pellets and corn. We made plenty of mistakes then. Now we can teach you the best ways to stay warm and trouble-free while heating with corn and pellets. In fact your will get a short course in successfully operating your multi-fuel stove the day you come to pick it up. You even get to practice starting a corn-burner so you can be sure you know how to do it when you get home.

• We have heated with - and sold - both common types of corn/pellet designs. We know how both work, the good and the not-so-good of each design. We only sell the two brands which we have found to meet our criteria: a) quality product likely to last many years; b) easy to operate; c) easy to repair when it finally needs it; d) good technical training and backup; and finally e) we have been burning the product ourselves so we know what we are talking about!

• We are factory-trained in customer-care, installation and repair. (Very few other corn stove dealers are.)

• When you come to take a look at our multi-fuel you won't see prettied-up models on a showroom floor. You will see them actually heating our buildings. By seeing these heaters in action you will better understand what model and set-up will help you best achieve your heating needs.

• Here's what one customer told us: "You are so different from all the other dealers I talked with. They only wanted to quote me a price and sell me a stove. You have taken the time to be sure I have all the information I need. I really feel like I now know enough to make a good decision"

• And finally: We have been taking good care of customers for 19 years and we are expecting to do the same for at least another 19 years! To our knowledge no one else in our area has been selling corn/pellet multi-fuel stoves for even 5 years. Wouldn't you feel safer relying on our experience, to assure that you will have a good experience with your corn-burning heat?


• This program is part of our overall ministry to uplift the Earth and its People. The income from our corn-heater sales helps support our work to better the world that you and I live in.

• We want you to know of other technologies which can help you cut your heating costs because there is no one single answer - even corn burners - to the puzzle of how to maximize your savings without spending more than you need to. Please check out our other website to explore other methods of saving heating $$: www.CutHeatingCosts.com.

Heating your home with corn makes $$ and Sense!
Check out your multi-fuel corn-heat/pellet-heat options today.

Repairs and parts for
Corn Stoves
Pellet Stoves
Multi-Fuel Stoves

If we don't have your part in stock, we can order it quickly.

We are factory-trained to repair
Magnum stoves, including
Baby Countryside
Countryside Fireplace
6500 Furnace
7500 Furnace

St. Croix multi-fuel stoves including
Lincoln revolutionary furnace
SCF-050 furnace

Snowflame (and other stoves based on the Carol Buckner design)

Also experienced with Cornflame.

We have worked and can work on many other brands because the designs 
are, by and large, quite similar.

Call Brian Eastman to discuss your situation or make appointment for a 
visit. 513 853 6180.